Mrs. Charlie Maximo, wife of Capt. Charlie
[By Glen Villa Jr., Last Revised July 17, 2011]

Mrs. Charlie Maximo, wife of Capt. Charlie was Marie Maximo, also known as Marta.  She was a Northern Miwok from the Ione area.  In 1915, Captain Charley told John Terrell, Special Indian Agent, that his wife's family had been in the Ione area since the sun first came up in the sky.

In 1905-1906, CE Kelsey identifies Capt. Charley Maximo & wife living in Ione of Amador County without land.

In 1910, Marie Maximo was living with her husband Charlie Maximo in Township 2, Ione, of Amador County.  Marie was 60 and Charlie Maximo was 55 years old.  Marie and Charlie married in 1909, the third marriage for both of them.  Marie Maximo was born near Ione, as were both of her parents.  Marie had given birth to 8 children, none were still living.

Marta died on July 10, 1915 and was buried in the Jackson Valley Indian Cemetery.  Marta was listed as being about 85 at the time of death.