Charley Kellogg & wife & 1 child
[By Glen Villa Jr., Last Revised January 1, 2012]

Charley Kellogg, also spelled Charlie Kellogg, was born May 18, 1898, 1/4 Indian from El Dorado County. His parents were Jeff Kellogg and Mary Dee. Jeff was a White man from Amador County and Mary was 1/2 Indian from El Dorado County.

Charley Kellogg married Mary Fred, a full blooded Indian and daughter of Sally John and Billy Fred. Mary Fred was previously married to Jack Smith, a 1/2 breed from San Joaquin County. Jack Smith died in 1909.

In 1905-1906, CE Kelsey identifies Jack Smith, wife, 1 child living in Ione of Amador County without land.

In 1914, Charles Kellogg was listed in the South Ione Precinct of the Index to Registration Affidavits.

On October 1, 1914, Mary and Charlie Kellogg had a daughter named Verna Evelyn Kellogg born in Sacramento County.

According to the 1920 Census, Charles Kellogg and wife Mary were residing in the Lee Township of Sacramento County. Charles was 32, wife Mary was 34, and daughter Evelyn was 5.

Mary Kellogg died sometime after 1928 and was buried in the Jackson Valley Indian Cemetery.

Charles Kellogg was interviewed by Louis Payen. In 1961, Louis Payen transcribed the information collected from Charley Kellogg in a manuscript entitled The Walltown Nisenan.

Charles Kellogg died on February 14, 1959 in Sacramento County.

Evelyn Kellogg

Evelyn Kellogg, as she was called by her family, died on December 23, 1966 and was buried in the East Lawn Cemetery in Sacramento. Evelyn married Henry Heber and had one son, Mitchell Kellogg, who died as a child. Mitchell Kellogg was born July 14, 1947 and died on November 23, 1954 and was buried in the East Lawn Cemetery in Sacramento.

Articles Concerning Charley Kellogg 

Auburn Journal
June 15, 1950
Three Jailed By City Police
Fred Daly, 59, of Auburn was arrested on a charge of drunk driving Monday night by City Officers Hershel young and Jack Casey. He was fined $250 by Police Judge J. M. Hamilton.

Caesar Brown, 64, a passenger in the car, was charged with being drunk. He was given a ten days suspended sentence.

Charles Kellogg, 49, of Sacramento was sentenced to ten days in jail, following his arrest by Officers James Kaufman and Hershel Young on a charge of defrauding a taxi driver.

Photographs of Evelyn Kellogg

Evelyn Kellogg

Evelyn Kellogg