Isaac Howdy & Wife and 1 child 8 years old
[By Glen Villa Jr., Last Revised January 1, 2012]

Isaac Howdy was born 1885 (1910 Census) in Oleta to Sam Howdy and Betty Peter.

According to the 1900 Census, Isaac Howdy was living with his parents in Township 3, Volcano Precinct, of Amador County. Isaac was 17 at the time and was employed as a day laborer.

In 1902, Isaac Howdy was listed on the Oleta Precinct, in the Great Register of Amador County. Isaac was 21 years old at the time and his address was Oleta.

In 1905-1906, CE Kelsey identifies Isaac Howdy living in the Gilbert District of Amador County without land.

According to the 1910 Census, Isaac Howdy was residing with his parents Sam Howdy and Betty Peter in Township 2, Ione, of Amador County. Isaac was 25 years old and was born in Oleta. Isaac Howdy worked as a laborer in a clay mine.

Isaac Howdy married Catherin Alcalde, a full-blooded Indian born October 29, 1891, daughter of Alec Alcalde and Sarah. Alec Alcalde was born in Amador County and was the son of Perquillo Alcalde, also known as Alcalde Alejandro Perquillo. Sarah was born in Calaveras County. Catherin was more commonly called Gertrude or Gertie and went by that name.

Isaac Howdy died on May 22, 1915 near McConnell St in Sacramento County. Isaac died from hemorrhage of spinal canal following fall from horse. The death certificate for Isaac Howdy indicates he was buried in Clarksona, a place a few miles north of Ione. However, according to records at Amador County Archives, Isaac Howdy was buried in the Sharp Indian Cemetery near Fiddletown.

Prior to his death, Edward Gifford interviewed Isaac Howdy and collected ethnographic information (See Gifford's California Kinship Terminologies). Isaac Howdy was residing in Plymouth, California at the time of the interview.

According to the selective service records, Catherine had become the spouse of Henry Titman prior to June 5, 1917. Catherine and Henry Titman were residing in Ione.

According to the 1920 Census, Cathline was residing with her husband Henry Titman in West Ione, Township 2 of Amador County. Cathline was 30 at the time and Henry was 25. Living with them was 12 year old Mervin who was the son of Isaac Howdy and Catherine Alcalde. Henry was a laborer at a sand mine.

According to the 1930 Census, Catherin Alcalde was residing in Township 2, Ione, of Amador County. Catherin was 39 years old and widowed at the time. Living with Catherin was her son Mervin Howdy and her uncle Alec Lesandro.

When Doug Burris died in 1941, Bernice Villa recalled that Catherin Alcalde made her a necklace of wormwood sewn in cloth balls. These necklaces were worn by close relatives of the deceased. Catherin made the necklace long enough so that it would be hidden under Bernice’s dress. Bernice wore the necklace until it broke.

Catherin Alcalde died on June 11, 1962 at the age of 70 in Sacramento County. Catherin was buried in the Ione City Cemetery next to her son Mervin Howdy.

Articles Concerning Isaac and Catherin Howdy

Jim Berry Sent a Bullet Into Ike Howdy in a Drunken Row

James Berry, the man who last Sunday evening shot Isaac Howdy, a half breed Indian in Flint & Raymond's hop yards near tho Bridge House, twentyfive miles southeast of this city, was arrested by Constable Lee Parker of Cosumnes township, near Forest Home, Amador county, early yesterday morning, and was lodged in the county jail in this city yesterday morning.

The wound was not as-severe as was at first thought. The bullet entered the right side, but as luck would have it, followed one of the ribs around and lodged just under the skin in the back. Howdy was removed to the county hospital yesterday morning, and last evening the physician in charge said that if nothing unforseen happens his recovery will be only a matter of time.

According to the account of the trouble gleaned by the sheriff's officers, Berry went to Live Oak, about two miles from tho hop yards, and before he started Howdy asked him to buy him a pair of suspenders. This Berry promised to do, and did. But when he got back to camp he was very drunk, as were Jack Pritchard and Jim Keyes, who were with him.

Berry delivered the suspenders to Howdy, and then asked him to pay for them. Howdy told Berry that he gave him the money before he left for Live Oak, but Berry denied that he had done so, and proceeded to work up a fine frenzy. Finally in his drunken fury he whipped out a revolver and fired five shots at Howdy, only one of which took effect.

After the shots were fired Pritchard succeeded in getting the revolver away from Berry, but subsequently they reloaded the weapon. Pritchard and Keyes went to bed, and when the sheriff's officers reached the hop yard they were sunk in a drunken stupor, but managed to give a muddled account of the trouble. Berry had disappeared.

The sheriff's deputies believing it impossible for Berry in his drunken condition to travel far, expected to find him in the brush along the Cosumnes river, but they searched in vain. Constable Parker, however, got a line on his man, and early yesterday morning overtook him near Forest Home, three or four miles over the Amador county line, and forthwith started with him to this city.

Parker has had some experience with bad men. About two years ago the Michigan Bar store was robbed, and the clerk, the late Moses Patterson, was brutally beaten. Parker took the trail, and overtook his man within a half a mile of the town of Latrobe, in El Dorado county. A gun fight followed, in which the robber used a revolver, and Parker replied with a shotgun. Parker got his man, who died from his wounds a month later in the county hospital near this city.

Little is known about Berry, even by the men with whom he worked. For the last year he has lived in and about Plymouth and Oleta, Amador county, and he probably was on his way there when captured by Parker. Though very drunk, Berry had sense enough left to attempt to get away after doing the shooting. He claims to have only an indistinct recollection of what happened before the trouble. If Howdy recovers Berry will be charged with assault with intent to commit murder.—Sacramento Union, Sept. 6.

AUGUST 30, 1907
From Our Exchanges
Ike Howdy, an Indian, was arrested Tuesday for beating his squaw. The Indian had secured whisky and got drunk and then went to his home at Doschville and proceeded to beat and kick his squaw in a fiendish manner. The squaw finally got away from him and ran to the neighbors for protection, first to Pat McGuire's and then to Jamison's. He was about to beat her again, but Jamison, picking up a hammer, told him that if he struck the woman he would strike him with the hammer. He did not strike her then. On Tuesday the squaw came into town and swore to a complaint, accusing Howdy of assault and battery. Before being arrested he went to the clay pit at Doschville, having his gun with him, and threatened Jamison. Soon after this constable Kelly arrested him and brought him to the calaboose. His trial was set for 10 o'clock Thursday morning, the 22d. Upon his arraignment he had pleaded "not guilty" and demanded a jury trial, but when his trial was called Thursday morning, he had changed his plea to "guilty" and waived time for sentence. Justice Gartlin thereupon sentenced him to serve six months in the countyjail.--Echo.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1907
Criminal Returns
Township 2 I. Howdy, Indian, beating his wife, fined $180 or 180 days in jail.

T, H. Gartlin, justice court township 2.—Criminal action against Betty Howdy on a misdemeanor brought by Gertrude Howdy. Complaint withdrawn at request of complaining witness.

Mervin Howdy

On February 5, 1906, Isaac and Catherin Howdy had a son named Mervin Howdy.

Mervin married Effie Walloupe, daughter of William Walloupe and Minnie Tiffany. The Walloupe family lived in Mount Aukum and Omo Ranch areas of the Cosumnes River.

Mervin Howdy and Effie Walloupe built a house on the 40 acres in Jackson Valley. Harold Burris lived in this house in the 1960’s to 1990’s. Mervin and Effie had several children including three daughters, a son and multiple children that died either at birth or as infants.

In 1932, Mervin Howdy was listed in the East Ione Precinct of the Index to Registration Affidavits Amador County. Mervin was Republican affiliation.

In 1934, Mervin T. Howdy was listed in the South Ione Precinct of the Index to Registration Affidavits Amador County. Mervin was a laborer and Republican affiliation.

Mervin Howdy was a sergeant in the 91st Infantry Division of the US Army during World War II and was killed in action during World War II on October 22, 1944.  Mervin was awarded the Purple Heart Medal. Mervin was buried in the Ione City Cemetery.

Articles Concerning Mervin Howdy

Ione Valley Echo
February 10, 1923

Grammar School Notes 
Mervin Howdy, Editor.

Ethel Woolsey has been absent this week because of illness.

The enrollment for the month closing today, 113 total average attendance 104.

The eight grade pupils seem to be doing well in the County tests.

The seventh grade is very much interested in the subject, Exercise in Business Practice.

In order to lay a good foundation for American history, the sixth grade is reading "The story of Old Europe and Young America," and are enjoying the book.

The basketball teams expect to play the Jackson teams here soon.

We propose to take up the public drinking fountain matter in the near future.

The class club will also discuss the advisability of joining the Amador County of Chamber of Commerce, for we believe we should do all we can to make Amador county a better place in which to live and that's what the Chamber of Commerce is trying to do,is it not?

Miss McKean has had a hundred per cent attendance this week.

The Girls Glee Club will sing the following songs at the Royal Theatre before the show: 
(a) America the Beutiful. 
(b) Naples. 
(c) Gay Liesel.

Our Clas Club officers are President, Aurelia Campbell; Vice President, Dorothy Gillum; Secretary, Lolita Torres; Secretary, Lucille Glavich.

Ione Valley Echo 
February 24, 1923

Grammar School Notes 
Ruth Madden Editor.

Miss Frances Burket, county librarian, called on us early this week.

Our girls' second basketball team won in Jackson, last Friday, 7 to 2. Jackson expects to play here next Friday. Please come and root for us.

William Wells and Tiny and Stella Powell have been absent this week on account of illness.

Our Club officers are: Mervin Howdy, president: Lucile Glavich, vice president: Anona Chouleur, secretary; Ethel Woolsey, treasurer.

The girls glee club will sing the following songs before the show Saturday night: "Merry Heart," "Blackbird Song," "Naples."

The petition to merge Mt. Echo district has been signed and is ready to mail to the Superintendent's office.

Ione Valley Echo 
May, 5, 1923

Grammar School Notes

Aurelia Campbell. Editor

The Ione Grammar School will have the following entrees in the track meet next Friday: 50 yard dash, under 100 pounds, Anna Yarrington, Lolita Torres; 50 yard dash, over 100 pounds, Esther Lucas; 100 yard dash, under 100 pounds, Lolita Torres, Louise Lucas.

Relay race - Anna Yarrington, Louise Lucas, Lolito Torres, Josephine Yager, and Phyllis Clifton, sub.

For boys - 50 yard dash, under 100 pounds, Byron Mace, Frank Yager; 100 yard dash, under 100 pounds, Byron Mace, Frank Yager.

Broad jump - William Jones; high jump, Byron Mace.

Baseball throw for distance - Mervin Howdy; basket ball throw for distance - Mervin Howdy.

Ione Valley Echo
April 11, 1925
Grammar School Notes Audrey Arditto and Lucy Fairbank have been absent this week on account of diphtheria and flu.

Mr. E. K. Bayles of the Union Oil Company visited our rooms Thursday.

Others who called on us this week were Nellie Russell of Lodi, Dayle Hill of Woodland, Evelyn Kipp of Sacramento, and Julia Harper, Aurelia Campbell Alta Chouleur, Ethel Woolsey and Mervin Howdy of Ione.

The entrants for the events for girls in the track meet are: Fifty yard dash, under 100 pounds—Elizabeth Granlees and Emily Burgin. Fifty yard dash, over 100 pounds –Anona Chouleur and Anna Yarrington.

Basket Ball Throw For Goal –Anona Chouleur and Phyllis Clifton. Relay Race – Dorothy Yager, Phyllis Clifton, Anna Yarrington, Anona Chouleur, Emily Burgin, sub.