Ione Alex and child Pearl
[By Glen Villa Jr., Last Revised July 17, 2011]

Ione Alex is Alec Alcalde. He was also known as Alec Lesandro, Alessandro Alcalde, Alexander Alcalde, Alex Saunders and appears on the US Census as these names. Aleck Alcalde was born at Camanche, Calaveras County in March 18, 1863 (according to the 1928 BIA), 1866 (according to the 1910 Census) or 1865 (according to the 1900 Census). Aleck’s father was from Comanche and his mother was from Richey (known as Buena Vista, Amador County today).

In 1900, Alec Alessandro was residing with his wife Cow Cow Eliza in Township 2 of Amador County. Aleck was 35 and Cow Cow Eliza was 50. Aleck Alcalde was married to Eliza or Cow Cow Eliza about 1890 (according to the 1900 Census) or 1900 (according to the 1910 Census). The marriage was the first for Aleck and the second for Eliza. Eliza was born in 1850 (according to the 1900 Census)or 1865 (according to the 1910 Census) and was from Ione as were her parents.

In 1905-1906, CE Kelsey identifies Ione Alec, wife and 2 children living in Ione of Amador County without land.

In 1910, Aleck was residing with his wife Eliza in Township 2, Ione, of Amador County. Aleck was 44 and Eliza was 45 years old at the time. Aleck’s profession in 1910 was listed as a laborer of odd jobs.

By 1920, Alec Lesandro is residing in East Ione, Township 2 of Amador County in the household of John Porter. According to the 1920 Census, Alec was listed as 51 years old and a laborer on a farm.

According to the 1928 BIA application, Aleck Lesandro had a spouse named Mary Lesandro who died about 1888.

In 1930, Alec Lesandro was residing with his niece Catherin Alcalde in Township 2, Ione, of Amador County. Alec was 67 years old and widowed at the time.

Alex Saunders died on July 19, 1933 in Jackson. Alex was listed as 70 years old and was buried in Jackson.

Articles Concerning Ione Alex 

Amador Dispatch
July 28, 1933
Well Known Indian From Ione Died At Hospital
Alex Saunders, well known Indian of the Ione section, passed away at the county hospital here on last Thursday morning and his funeral was conducted on the following Friday afternoon. Deceased is survived by a niece, residing at Ione. He had been in failing health for some time prior to his death.

Child Pearl

Child Pearl is Pearl Alcalde, the niece to Alec Alcalde. Pearl Alcalde was born 1903 (according to the 1910 Census), July 10 1902 (according to the 1928 Bia App) in Ione. Pearl was the daughter of Louie Alcalde from Sacramento county and Minnie Clifford from Amador County. Pearl’s father died in 1911 and her mother died in 1907, according to the 1928 BIA application. Minnie Clifford’s parents were Jim and Marianna Clifford. On the 1928 Bia Application, Pearl Alcalde stated “George Clifford full brother of my mother.”

In 1910, Pearl was living with her father, Louie Alcalde, in the household of Aleck Alcalde in Township 2, Ione, of Amador County. Pearl was 7 years old at the time. Pearl was born in Ione, while her father was born in Lockeford and her mother was born in Jackson.

In 1917, Pearl Alcalde attended the Jackson Valley School.

According to the 1920 Census, Andy West was residing with wife Pearl in West Ione, Township 2 of Amador County. Andy was 28 and Pearl was 18. Andy was a laborer for the RR section.

NARA RG 75 Digger Agency
Tribal Census 1917
Box #1 Series 1, 2, 3
George Darrow attending Aetna
Pearl Alcalda Jackson Valley
Mabel Clifford Jackson Valley