Lessons In Northern Sierra Miwok

Speaking from the point of view of the use of words in a sentence, there appear to be five parts of speech in Miwok: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and prepositions.  The adjective, however, is in reality nothing more than a noun used in a particular way, that is, associated with another noun of more specific meaning.  Probably it should be regarded as an apposite noun (A appositive noun is one that stands next to another and refers to the same thing, as in the subject of this sentence: "My brother, the brat, tied my shoes together.") rather than a modifier.  And the preposition is really a special use of the adverb.  So that, as far as actual classes of words are concerned, the parts of speech reduce themselves to three:  NOUN, VERB, and ADVERB.

Each of the parts of speech consist of a stem or root which suffixes are added depending on the case and tense.  There are no prefixes in Miwok.  Like any language, there are nuances in Miwok as you develop more complex sentences.
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LESSON 1:  PRONUNCIATION GUIDE - Learn the Sounds of Northern Sierra Miwok

LESSON 2:  VERBS - The Use Of The Verb In The Present Tense

LESSON 3:  NOUNS - The Use Of The Noun In The Present Tense

LESSON 4:  POSSESSIVES & PRONOUNS - The Use Of The Possessives And Pronouns In The Present Tense



LESSON 7:  Coming, Entering, Arriving

LESSON 8:  Going & Leaving

LESSON 9:  Let's Eat

LESSON 10:  Cooking

LESSON 11:  Around the Table

LESSON 12:  How is the food?

LESSON 13:  Sleeping

LESSON 14:  Numbers

LESSON 15:  Family Terms

LESSON 16:  Weather

LESSON 17:  Directions

LESSON 18:  Seasons

LESSON 19:  Colors